Remembering, Relearning

It’s been awhile since I last blogged or wrote anything for more than a handful of friends, for more than several sets of eyes to see. As a result, the words feel rough and unfamiliar in my hands, and my mind feels noisy, yet shy at the same time.

I’m so out of practice, as you can tell. It feels like trying to read sheet music again, after every music book and page of sheet music has been boxed away for longer than you can remember. You assume your fingers and brain will connect the dots instantly, turning quarter, half and whole notes into music on a keyboard – and all as if the lessons of eight or more years were just left off yesterday.

And then you realize, as you stare at the sheet music – that’s not how it works, especially as you get busier and your brain shoves that knowledge into the attic to make room for everything it uses every day.

That’s how it feels to come back to writing for a blog. But, much like my desire to reaccustom myself with sheet music, the keyboard and choral music these days, I find myself longing to find the rhythm and taste of words on the page again.

And so, here I am.

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