While in line at the grocery store

One evening this week, I made a quick stop at the supermarket on the way home from work. I ended up in the ’12 items or less’ line at the check-out, since this quick stop actually remained a quick stop and didn’t turn into a “buy everything yummy within sight because we’re ravenous” shopping trip. The man ahead of me wore the uniform of a blue collar job at a local business. Like myself, it was obvious that he was making a stop on the way home from work. I couldn’t help but notice the items as he placed them on the conveyor belt: a delicious looking roast, white onions, fresh parsley, fresh tomatoes and…a huge bunch of white roses.

Obviously, he had plans to make someone’s evening special. And I couldn’t help but smile a little as I watched him impatiently wait for the cashier to hurry up already and figure out the code for fresh parsley (because who buys fresh parsley these? not many people who came through her line apparently). I love seeing men in the grocery store when they are obviously shopping with a purpose like this one. If I were extroverted, I probably would’ve spoken up and made small talk about his pot roast and flowers. Maybe even told him to have a ‘lovely evening!’ or something. But instead, I just smiled and thanked when he sheepishly looked at me (as I eyed his produce and meat) and made room on the belt for my items to follow his.

They make jokes about ‘people of Market Basket’ on Facebook, but moments like these are the best.

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