Dressing the Bump


almost 20 weeks!

We’re almost halfway through this pregnancy now, baby and I, and I finally have a bit of a bump. Huzzah, I’m showing – finally! My co-workers look at me and comment on how big I am already (?!) and other acquaintances tell me that I’m *so* teeny-tiny.

I’m going to lump their comments together and assume that I’m average for a woman during her first pregnancy. Either that or I’m just abnormal. 😛

With the elation of finally having a bump, however, I’m struggling a bit. You see, regular clothes don’t fit, haven’t for awhile and have hit the point of altogether uncomfortable. There’s only so long that I can handle the whole ‘hair-tie holding your pants shut’ thing. And yet, maternity clothes shopping. Yowzah. You never realize how much an entire wardrobe costs until you have to buy an entire wardrobe ALL at once.

And we’re facing a long New England winter, so I’m facing the tough reality of…

…more layers, which = more clothes…
…and a winter coat that fits over my growing tummy (and, ahem, boobs)…


15 weeks pregnant

I mean, yeah, I’m elated that I won’t have to deal with being large and swollen during the longest, hottest months of summer, but a good part of me looks at the price tags on clothes and thinks about how much cheaper it would be to buy half a dozen sun dresses and just be done with it already! Instead, I’m looking at shirts, sweaters, jeans, leggings, dresses, winter coats and even winter boots that are sensible and appropriate for pregnancy (i.e., no heels).

Yeah…the budget for maternity clothes alone isn’t pretty.

And that’s why I have great plans to hit our local consignment shops and one of the Motherhood outlets over the next couple weeks. Because people, a woman needs clothes that make her feel halfway decent while pregnant, but not while paying an arm and a leg (not when her body is working hard to grow a human being and all of it’s appendages!).

Mommy readers – did you get sticker shock over clothes shopping while pregnant? Did you have a budget for your maternity wardrobe?

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4 Responses to Dressing the Bump

  1. Nicole says:

    Okay, so I apologize, but I must start off this comment with something that you probably hear ALL the time now… “You are SO cute!!” 🙂 There, I just had to say it! And I’m not pregnant yet, but I have ALREADY begun the process of worrying about a pregnancy wardrobe. Ha, ha. I can only imagine it’s quite expensive! I DO know that the Loft has a bunch of pregnancy clothes on sale in their clearance online website… AND Old Navy might be a good place to check. Long sleeve T’s can be quite cute when paired with scarves and jewelry! Good luck!!! 🙂

    • kristaedavid says:

      Aw, thanks, Nicole! 🙂 I’m slowly building up my wardrobe. I’ve already hit Old Navy (yay for sales!), but I hadn’t even thought of the Loft. I have plans to check out a local consignment shop today; I’ll have to check back and let everyone know how successful the trip ends up being. 🙂

      Having a decent maternity wardrobe is something we women worry about, lol. 🙂 I’m sure you will have the most adorable bump and wardrobe to go with it when you are pregnant! (And can I say, I kind of hope you have some exciting news of your own soonish? 😀 I’m at that point in my life when I’m always happy and so excited for friends who are expecting, too!)

  2. Ceri says:

    People always seem to have an opinion about the shape and size of your bump… And they are all totally opposed!
    Thankfully I was big during the summer months… So got away with a button extender for my regular jeans and 5 preggie tops once I hit the 8 month mark. You can’t get any pregnancy clothes in shops around here! 😦 But if you get stuck you should try eBay. Also regular dresses with empire waists… Loved my dresses.

    • Krista D. says:

      I can’t believe none of the shops in your area have pregnancy/maternity clothes! That’s terrible – what do they expect, that women in baby bellies don’t need clothes that fit? :-/ I’ve been trying to make my regular dresses with empire waists work as long as possible, but erm, my growing chest is making that just a bit problematic. 😛

      What I really need is a coat that will cover this belly during the long, cold New England winter months! I hope I can find something that will work sometime soon; it’s already November!

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