Exhausted, but tickled pink


Anyone here? Yes? No?


After being absent for a week, it wouldn’t surprise me if nobody was around here reading anymore. Who starts a blog and abandons any semblance of regular posts during the first week? Uh yes, that would be me. I have valid excuses, of course.

1) we’re adjusting to changes in hubby’s schedule due to fire academy training
2) I’m pregnant and exhausted (as per the norm)

And yeah, that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, the exhaustion that comes with pregnancy does tend to shrink your life. The energy that I do have tends to go towards things like, oh, a 40 hour work week at the office, grocery shopping, laundromat trips, family occasions, dishesdishesdishes, house-cleaning, cooking and lots more. I’m still trying to figure out how working moms do it all. They must be supermoms or at least have dishwashers, washing machines and dryers to play housemaid for them (or they put their kids to work, as my MIL has helpfully suggested I do someday with the wee one I’m carrying right now).

But yes. “Exhaustion” is at the forefront of my vocabulary along with “sleep” these days. And yet there are another few words lingering in my mind in spite of foggy, sleepy mommy brain.

Pink. Baby girl names.


Because yes, we found out last week: we’re the proud parents of a little baby girl.

Somehow, the sleepiness (or sleeplessness!) starts to feel entirely worth it when I remember all that.

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