Life as a fire wife: part 1


us four years ago! I had my suspicions then 😉

Life as a fire wife sometimes can be interesting. I’ll never forget the moment on our honeymoon when my hubby stopped mid-sentence, right in the middle of a conversation with his new wife, his eyes scanning the street for the source of sirens. Every word that I said in those thirty seconds didn’t register with him at all. It further hit home when he started getting antsy because he hadn’t gone on any calls in a week (never mind he spent most of the night before the wedding day out in the ambulance doing calls because “he couldn’t sleep”!).

That’s when I realized, “Um, yup, this mistress talk has a small grain of truth in reality.”

When you’re snowed in during winter weather and get an unexpected day with your hubby? Those are the days I’m home alone. He’s at the fire station, helping provide emergency coverage during bad weather.

The reason I’m going to another family function alone? He’s working a 24 hour shift again or went out on a call for the department here in town. (Or he’s working on the house, but that’s another post and story about life when you build your own house!)

You don’t get why I’m upset about him having a meeting with a client for the side business he runs with his dad? That’s because he’s been gone every other night this week on fire related things, whether it’s a shift, a weekly training class or calls that he *had* to go out on. And honestly, sometimes, I do miss him. Yes, I appreciate how hard he works to support his family, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him, either!

If I get grumpy around holidays, like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and more – that’s because he’s working them (again) and I’m on my own (again).

It teaches you to be independent in some ways. That honestly isn’t my favorite thing on earth. There’s nothing like waking up at 3 AM to drown a mouse because a mousetrap didn’t finish the job and agonizing squeaks are keeping you awake while hubby’s gone on shift. There are nights when it’s just downright lonely going to bed alone again for yet another night this week. Sure, I enjoy my time alone and the ability to watch chick flicks and not have to worry about cooking dinner for him (on the flip-side, I tend to get jealous of the fact that he has a partner who takes turns cooking dinner on shift!), but yeah…getting to be independent can be lonely.

And to be honest, the independence is incredibly scary when you think about adding a baby to the mix. I’m honestly not looking forward to the first 24 hour shift after baby comes and I’m home alone with her for 24+ hours!

So there are the downsides. What are the pros to these cons? I’ll be back for more on that tomorrow, because there absolutely are pros to the cons of fire-life!

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