In sickness & health


Irony is managing to escape a cold bug for a week and then crashing with it, in spite of all your best efforts…and just in time for the week of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, right when your days ahead are full of plans with family and dreams of cooking, baking and cleaning the apartment to perfection (all in spite of a crazy busy season of life for you and your hubby).

Um yeah. Let’s just say that my plans for the week are getting tweaked. Instead of filling today with my laundromat chores, grocery shopping and house cleaning, followed by dinner out with extended family…

I’m planning to spend today resting with a couple boxes of tissues, the humidifier and season two of Chuck. I’m grateful because today when I’m feeling entirely under the weather, I honestly didn’t feel like going out in the frigid, windy November weather (highs of the twenties, yay us!) to do laundry and groceries. And thankfully, I have an absolutely amazing husband who is totally showing love for me today by: doing the laundry, picking up groceries and generally encouraging his pregnant, Ruldoph-nosed wife to stay home and rest.

Yes, I truly did luck out when it comes to husbands. While he may not be a romantic with gifts and dates to make me swoon on any given day of the week, he is a strong and steady man who shows me love in so many daily actions. He may not write me love notes or buy me flowers for random occasions, but he shows me love by caring for me in ‘sickness and health.’

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