My one weakness

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I have been really good about healthy eating overall this pregnancy. I have tried my utmost to incorporate leafy green salads into my daily life. I don’t drink soda. I eat lots of lean proteins: eggs, chicken breast, turkey bacon, lean beef and lots of nuts. I eat loads of fiber and fresh fruits! I only drink half-caff coffee! I take my prenatal vitamins, an iron supplement and probiotics. I don’t eat all the stuff they tell you not to eat: soft cheeses, alcohol or deli meat.

I’m trying to be the ideal pregnant woman. 😛

Still, my weakness lies in sweets. Oh, how I crave sweets and sugary carbs. So very much.

I try to be good about it, I really do. But there are some days (like the days when I’m feeling huge and pregnant and just want to cry for no reason in particular) when the effort is overcome by the craving. And this all led to the following conversation the other night:

Hubby: “Why is the Nutella soaking in hot water in the sink?”
Me: You don’t want to know. You really don’t want to know.
Hubby: What? Okay, maybe I really don’t want to know…
Me: You want to know? Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s because in a moment of irrationality last night, your wife decided it was a good idea to hide her source of temptation in the freezer so she couldn’t eat anymore. It sounded like a brilliant idea at the time. And it worked great. Except today was a bad day and now I’ve decided that it wasn’t a good idea AT ALL.
Hubby: *laughter*
Me: *glares*
Hubby: Why don’t you just keep some small portions of chocolate in the house so you don’t end up eating Nutella by the spoon?
Me: Why don’t I do that? I’ll tell you why…because I ate it all already last week!

Yeah…chocolate and carbs are my one weakness and Nutella is that delicious combination in kryptonite form for me.

(And yes, it really does turn rock hard when frozen – entirely impossible to eat! So my plan would have worked if I wasn’t so persistently set on a chocolate fix!)

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