Death to the Vermin (or a mouse-trap shopping spree)

Sometimes I think it may border on pathetic how much joy I take in lowering the overall mouse population in this apartment. I blame it on the clan of mice that keep having enormous parties in my kitchen linen and silverware drawers. I still don’t understand why the little vermin pass over the chance to have a binge-fest amongst the cheerios and breadcrumbs in one cabinet just to play hide’n’seek amongst my clean kitchen towels and dish-rags – but in any event, that’s what the rodent population of this little apartment seem to enjoy the most.

After a week of constantly scrubbing down drawers and finding more and more laundry to haul to the laundromat, I officially had enough. I decided that the usual spring-loaded ones weren’t worth my time – not after an incident this fall that involved a maimed-but-not-killed mouse that I had to drown in a bucket of water at 3 AM one husband-less night (yay, 24 hour shift rotations!), all because I couldn’t sleep through its pathetic death squeaks nor could I handle my vivid imagination that kept making me consider the stench that might emit from a mouse that managed to creep away and hide in a cranny to die.

And so, I went to Amazon (oh, lovely, trusty and went on a mousetrap buying rampage after doing some thorough research. I promptly passed over the traditional Victor mouse traps (since it was one of those that maimed, but did not kill) and went straight for the big guns.

And here’s what I bought:

Kness SNAP-E mouse traps and Intruder’s the Better Mousetrap. And I really did go on a bit of a spree in my purchases. Last night, I had not one, not two, not three or four, but rather EIGHT mouse-traps baited with peanut-butter and tucked in just about every direction of my kitchen.

And already the population has dropped by two mice overnight. No maimed victims squeaking in the wee smaes, requiring a more humane death by drowning. Both were killed instantly AND with no mess. No blood, no guts, nada – and the traps are reusable. PLUS: NO MOUSE PARTIES OCCURRED IN MY KITCHEN CABINETS OR DRAWERS LAST NIGHT!!!

I think my shopping spree was well-worth it.

(NOTE: I was in no way compensated for the above post/review on any of the mouse-traps mentioned in this post.)

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