I have about 7-11 weeks left in this pregnancy, depending on whether this little girl decides to show up early, on time or late and I am officially in nesting mode. Unfortunately, we’re not quite at the point where I can decorate and set up a nursery; instead, I know I will spend more time packing up this apartment and setting up just the normal household furnishings in the new house over the next month than I will anything baby related.

And while it *is* exciting and entirely delightful to put this time into the finish work on our little house’o’dreams, it isn’t quite the same as pouring all my nesting energies into everything cute, cuddly and pastel. And that urge doesn’t squash easily.

Which is why spare time online is spent on, looking at adorable, whimsical prints:


And other spare time is spent on fabric squares and quilting…

I find my ways to nest! And someday, I’ll have the chance to arrange our little girl’s bedroom. For now, I craft and I plan.

Are you crafting anything these days?

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One Response to Nesting

  1. Sara says:

    Aww, the quilt! That is really special.

    I’ve been making infinity scarves lately, thanks to you. 😛

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