32 Weeks

In celebration of my 32nd week of pregnancy, I give you a set of three aggravating things and two favorite things that I’m currently experiencing during this portion of the 3rd trimester.


Three Aggravations:

  • I have official hit the milestone of the third trimester called: TINIEST BLADDER EVER. I literally have to use the bathroom just about every hour or so at least – and I’m not exaggerating when I use the word “literally.” And this is without drinking that gallon of water I’m supposed to be drinking daily (working on getting there – really!). Since I have eight weeks until the EDD, I have a feeling this novelty is going to get really old, really quickly.
  • Have you seen the baby zombie costumes that seemed to be the big trend this fall right around Halloween? Yeah, I’ll spare you the sight of one, just in case you’re pregnant and don’t feel like have those images in your head before labor & delivery.Anyhow – that is what the pain feels like in a certain portion of my ab muscles. I’m still not 100% sure what is causing this, if it’s just the skin and muscles stretching as baby girl gains weight, if it’s my muscles separating (diastis recti) or if she’s just putting pressure on a nerve. Whatever the cause, it hurts. It’s a constant tender ache, but if I try to do anything remotely physical – walk on the treadmill or housework that requires activating my core muscles – I feel like I’m being stabbed with hot knives.

    And that’s why I went out shopping for a maternity support belt last night. The idea of wearing this contraption makes me feel decidedly unsexy, but then again, I guess feeling unattractive was going to happen eventually while pregnant. Now to get the itchy skin issue to go away because clawing at my itchy belly does not aid me in attempts at looking attractive.

  • And then there’s finally, the exhaustion. Totally expected, but still there just the same. I’m learning to pace myself and extend myself grace. Life is busy right now, but overextending myself isn’t going to do me or baby girl any good. So…I’m learning when I need to rest and not overdo it.

Now finally, Two Favorites!

  • I love feeling little girl moving in my womb. It’s the weirdest sensation on earth and I wasn’t sure how I felt about this alien sensation when she first got big enough for me to really feel her. I’ve grown accustomed to it, however, and since she’s been quite gracious and has abstained from jumping on my bladder or kicking out ribs, I now love it. I love watching my belly move up in down when she’s awake and I love feeling her jump when I accidentally startle her with loud noises.It’s a sweet sensation that I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I have.
  • The anticipation. Yes, that. I’m slowly letting myself get excited about the fact that in just a couple months I get to really meet our daughter and see her for the first time. I will get to hold her in my arms and cuddle her. I will get to kiss her and love on her. See if she has hair and if she looks like me or her daddy the most (I’m predicting: she has little hair, looks like daddy and has a quieter personality like her mom). And I will get to embark on a new phase of this adventure in motherhood, just as I’m starting to feel the most unprepared, yet simultaneously ready for it than I have ever have in my life.

I can’t wait to meet her, but I know there’s still time ahead that will crawl and fly both at the same time. So, here’s to surviving and enjoying the last couple months we have left to go!

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