Four Months!

So, our little girlie turned four months on Sunday. She’s growing like a weed these days. We seem to have fallen (finally) into breastfeeding with more ease than before. Or at least I can handle our difficulties–which would be her fighting me at the boob occasionally, probably due to teething. And yes, she’s already teething and has been for a month! I don’t feel ready to deal with this, but here we are.

IMG_1313AMy little munchkin loves:

– playing with her feet and gnawing on her hands

– screeching with delight

– snuggling up with her stuffed Minnie Mouse

– ‘talking’ with everyone 🙂

– cuddling up at night in bed with mommy and daddy!

She can:

– roll over, but rarely does since she abhors tummy time

– pop her pacifier back into her mouth on her own

– play with the toys on her play-mat

– splash in the bathtub!


She had her first experience attending services at Shul over a month ago and has attended with her parents on a regular basis since. It’s so precious to see her daddy holding her while we go through the liturgy! She’s also met various aunts, uncles and her cousin over the course of the last month. I know she won’t remember any of it, but it makes me so happy to see her meet all of her family, finally…and hope that she will get many chances to get to know them further on down the road.

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