Post-Partum Weight Loss

There’s one thing that a lot of breastfeeding advocates tout along with all the health benefits to your newborn child. Namely: breastfeed and your pregnancy weight will just drop off. And for some, that’s definitely true. For others, not so much.

IMG_0246AI gained about 40 pounds during my pregnancy with Baby K and lost 23 pounds during the first four weeks after her birth. I thought for sure that the weight loss would continue and I’d fall into the percentage of women who find it easy to shed pregnancy pounds just from breastfeeding. So much came off so quickly during that first month, surely the next few months would find the weight trickling off.

Well. Here we are four months postpartum and I’ve actually gained several pounds back. My weight has not budged in two months. I’m stuck solidly at 153 pounds. Twenty pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy, twenty pounds lighter than when I went into labor. 

Working out hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference, either. I’ve been working out 4-5 days a week for the last six weeks and it still hasn’t budged. I haven’t gained any more weight, so I’m guessing that some of that weight has shifted as I’ve gained more muscle mass. Nevertheless, it can get discouraging to see a stagnant number on the scale and a closet full of clothes that don’t fit anymore.

I know – Baby K is only four months old. It hasn’t been that long at all, if you think about it. Plus, I don’t look bad with this weight on me. Yes, I look heavier than I have ever in my life (outside of pregnancy) and true, most of my clothes don’t fit. But–my body is still nourishing my child, just like it did during nine months of pregnancy. And that’s an incredible, beautiful thing.

There has to be a balance in life. Yes, I’m trying to eat healthy and I’m incredibly happy to gain back the muscle strength I lost during pregnancy and my recovery time–but I refuse to diet like crazy in order to lose this weight. There’s a healthy way of doing things, especially while breastfeeding, and that doesn’t include dieting.


So…what am I doing then? Exercising, eating healthy nourishing foods, drinking lots of water and remaining hopeful that as time goes by, the weight will ease off. And if it doesn’t happen until after Baby K is weaned, well, that’s fine, too. Our health is more important than getting down to my pre pregnancy weight by X number of months postpartum!

I’ll be back again sometime soon with more posts about what fitness looks like for me these days!

In the meantime, what did postpartum weight loss (or not losing!) look like for you?

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One Response to Post-Partum Weight Loss

  1. Hey there! I too was pretty stagnant after losing the initial weight of an 8 lb baby and all that water weight I had gained. I started out prepregnancy 110lbs and when labour hit I was 163lbs. After baby popped out and I got the courage to jump back on the scale (only a week) I was 136lbs. And a month after that I was still 136lbs. And after another month of staying the same (while breastfeeding), I decided to do something about it. I started a clean eating challenge. While I would love to work out again it just hasn’t happend other than a walk occasionally. It’s been two months since I’ve started my clean eating experiment and I’m down another 10lbs!

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