Blackberry Season

Summer has been unusually mild here in New England this year. I cannot remember the last time the weather was more comfortable or bearable for most of June and July! Of course, now that I’ve written those last two sentences, I’m sure we’ll get a massive heat wave just because.


As a result of a late start to spring and cooler than average temperatures, the blueberry and blackberry season is just barely begun. Usually the end of July finds us visiting the nearest blueberry farm and picking blackberries right here in our own backyard. And yet, the blackberries along our driveway and beyond are still sporting hundreds of bright pink berries to match the handfuls that have darkened to a delicious deep blackish-red. 

Every day that we go out for a walk or jog, I stop to inspect my berries, anticipating the picking and later, the making of one of my summer favorites: blackberry jelly. I already have my jam jars, my pectin and a bag of sugar sitting in the pantry. All I need are my berries! The jams and preserves are something I look forward to all winter long as we finish off the previous year’s spoils. There is something just so satisfying about canning your own produce, picked by yourself!

What is one thing you look forward to every summer?

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