Parenting is an Adventure


I wrote a post this morning, walked away from my desk and when I came back to click ‘publish,’ found it had totally and irrevocably disappeared. I may have fought the urge to cry or swear. It took me a couple hours of piecemeal writing to get that post written and now it’s just…gone.

My days have been full lately, arms full of a wiggly, needy baby who is teething and fusses constantly these days. She doesn’t nap easily without her mama. She does not play well by herself.

She apparently needs her mama.

IMG_1527AI’m learning that I don’t have as much control over what my day will entail, not with a baby in the house. I may plan on chores, but they are accomplished in small chunks, with frequent breaks to cuddle and soothe a clingy baby. And writing? A lot of the time, I have difficulty sitting down at the computer to write, much less turn my distracted, scatter thoughts into words for this blog.

Such must the life of a mother be. As much as I’ve looked forward to this stage of life, as much as I’ve tried to prepare myself mentally for the difficulties that would come with it, as much as you think you’re ready for it–nevertheless, it is altogether different when you are in the middle of it all, experiencing it. I’ve learned that patience doesn’t come easy sometimes. I’ve learned that being a mother can be emotionally rewarding and draining at the same time. It is so much what I expected and so much unlike what I expected, both at the same time.

And I’ve only just begun this adventure of parenthood. I have so much to learn, to experience. It’s terrifying sometimes to think of it.

Life is an adventure and the funny thing about adventure is what a mixed bag it can be. Adventure is devastating. Exhilerating. Terrifying. Rewarding. Joyful and angsty at the same time. And yes, at times, adventure is boring and challenging all mixed together in one untidy package.

So. Here’s to adventure.

{which is Baby K’s cue to wake up from nap and require more cuddles. how lucky I am to be the one she wants them from most!}


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2 Responses to Parenting is an Adventure

  1. Nicole says:

    A beautiful, honest post! Loved it!! And I LOVE that picture of you and baby K. (That haircut looks absolutely amazing on you). 🙂

    • Krista D. says:

      Thanks! 🙂 This motherhood thing is a bigger adjustment in some ways than I realized…but I love it all the same. (And thanks for the sweet compliment on my haircut! :D)

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