Back again!

I’m back! I’d love to say that my return is for good and that I’m here to post more than just a few days at a time before disappearing for weeks on end, but I’m honestly not sure about that one! 

Because, well, Baby, ya know?

The last two weeks have been busy for us and when you add a clingy, whiny baby to the mix–posts just don’t get written. And other things in life are either done in piecemeal or during Baby K’s naptime. 

Like blueberry picking–the most peaceful activity on earth when accomplished during a baby’s naptime!


And jam-making? That takes an entire afternoon of running back and forth from kitchen to baby, plus a healthy dose of wailing when it just isn’t possible to hold a child and put jars into a hot water bath at the same time. 

IMG_1549A IMG_1562A

As you can see, other things in life have taken priority over blogging lately…and that’s okay! I wouldn’t give up any of the wonderful things that I’ve done lately. I’ve made peach preserves and blackberry jelly. I’ve gone blueberry picking and picnicking with my family. I’ve eaten loads of fresh garden veggies and made way too many loaves of zucchini bread for my waistline! And I’ve spent oodles of time cuddling my little fussbudget of a Baby K…and that’s far more important in my book.

All the same, I *do* enjoy this writing thing and appreciate using this medium as a creative outlet! I’m trying to figure out how to squeeze in bits of writing time without letting other responsibilities (and other enjoyable things!) fall to the wayside. How to find time to write and not at the expense of other important things–or more importantly, people.

Isn’t that something about adult life, especially when you add children to the mix? It’s a constant shift to find the right balance for every stage of life–it’s not always easy and my daily life doesn’t always go as I’d like, but a thriving, creative life is worth striving for!

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